Lost in Catland: the life of Louis Wain

What a stunningly beautiful write-up about this magnificent man.

As a poet, I have had my poem “Cat as Radiant being” published recently, and in it I say “all I am Is Cats- that is my motto-

I think, without realizing it I have meant it as a tribute to him-

I saw the film last night and was transfixed. I suppose that was the way it was meant to be.

This man will live in our hearts and minds and on our walls forever. And as long as cats are- they will have him to thank for it. Just as we do-

Simon Hitchman

Louis William Wain was born on the 5th of August 1860, under the astrological sign of Leo, in Clerkenwell, London, the eldest of six children born to William Wain, a textile trader and embroiderer, and his French wife Julie. His birth was followed by that of five sisters: Caroline in 1862, Josephine two years later, Claire in 1868, Felice early in 1871 and Marie just before Christmas of that same year. The family moved house quite often during Louis’ childhood, but always stayed in the Clerkenwell area of London.

Louis was born with a cleft lip and suffered from ill health so the family doctor gave his parents the orders that he should not be sent to school or taught until he was ten years old. By his own account, his early childhood was blighted by terrifying recurring dreams. He later wrote:

I seemed to live hundreds of years…

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Former director, WPLG, radio personality. Currently published poet and author and work in cat rescue of large and small cats on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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